About us

The Beginning

Established in 2015, Little Timber House began as an online ETSY store featuring handcrafted wood home goods and wood jewelry. As success of the online store grew, our dream remained to open a brick and mortar store featuring our handcrafted wood home goods as well as the handcrafted items of other local makers. Little Timber House opened in  the charming small town of Lititz, PA in November 2019 and strives to have a welcoming store environment that feels like home.

The Eco Products

Our mission is to be the corner store in Lititz that is for locals and visitors alike.  We offer eco-friendly products such as reusable EcoBags, cleaning products that are refillable at our refill stations (and are equally safe for your family and the environment), and high quality long lasting brushes, towels, cleaning cloths and napkins that are meant to last for years and years.  At Little Timber House we believe that one small change in our lifestyle can make a big difference.

The Handcrafted Goods

Specializing in local handcrafted items, Little Timber House, features several local makers in addition to our own handcrafted wood products.  Our beautiful ceramics are by local maker Julie Kiseik from JAK Pots. Also featured are local makers Rosie and John Stoltzfus and their lovely wood charcuterie and cutting boards.  Local artist, Tierney Kreider, offers modern, gorgeous watercolors of Lititz landmarks.  Other local Lancaster and  Pennsylvania products are offered as well including many tasty treats like grain-free granola from Simply Lauren Marie.

The Vintage Finds

Little Timber House offers curated vintage finds to add a fun twist to your home decor.  You never know what you might find mixed in with the handcrafted items in our shop.  We can tell you, however, that what you find will be quatlity items that have stood the test of time both in usability and function, but also in design and beauty.  Vintage rugs, blankets, coolers, tableware are the perfect addition to any home and we may have just the piece that speaks to you.